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Fashion icon. TV personality. Podcast Host. Book author. Cancer survivor. Septuagenarian. America’s beloved “Jean Queen” is now the voice for women looking to make their third act their best act.

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Sassy, sage septuagenarian Diane Gilman is a fashion legend whose mission is to inspire women to embrace their “third act” of life with zest, positivity, and a whole lot of moxie.

A serial entrepreneur, TV personality, and book author who is best known as the “Jean Queen,” Diane didn’t hit her stride until age 60, when she finally achieved the success and respect she envisioned as a young girl who dreamed of becoming a famous fashion designer. Overcoming every obstacle imaginable, from parents who did not support her ambitions, to late-life breast cancer, Diane epitomizes resilience and tenacity, and hopes her strength and spirit can motivate other women to live their lives to the fullest.

Today, she is completely dedicated to bringing her “cool girl”’ energy to a generation with potential to make late life fruitful. Diane’s latest book, “Too Young to be Old,” along with advice she now offers on this website and @TheDianeGilman, is filled with her trademark knack for fashion, fitness, and fortitude.

Simply put, Diane’s mission is to normalize a positive and productive view toward aging, believing age should never leave women behind, but rather, propel them forward.

The First Act

Building a fashion empire

The Second Act

HSN domination

The Third Act

Too Young To Be Old

I can obliterate any negative thoughts I have about my age. I can actually make aging an advantage – by recapturing my joy and my confidence, and by sharing what I know with other women.