Episode 2

The Power of Sisterhood with Jan Tuckwood

Host Diane Gilman welcomes her first guest to the podcast, her co-author and best friend Jan Tuckwood. They discuss writing Diane’s book Too Young to Be Old together, how Jan supported Diane through her cancer journey and the bonds of sisterhood in Diane’s community of women.

Embracing Resilience Through Life’s Challenges:

Diane and Jan emphasize the importance of resilience, taking control of one’s narrative, and finding strength through connection.

Diane shares her personal journey, recounting her experience of being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing a double mastectomy at the age of 73, her first encounter with hospitalization. Determined to maintain her strength and avoid pity, Diane chose to distance herself from negative influences, surrounding herself only with those who believed in her.

Act Three:

Diane and Jan delve into the concept of “Act Three” as they explore the possibilities and opportunities that come with the third phase of life. They emphasize the importance of directing and producing this phase, taking charge of your own destiny. Diane notes that the first act sets up the characters, the second act is the core of the story, and the third act intertwines the entire narrative.

The DG2 Sisterhood:

Diane’s clothes brand DG2 has become more than just a clothes brand. It has created a community of empowered women over 50. Jan shares a heartwarming story about a member of the community Paulette Moore, who found solace and support in the DG2 Facebook group during the challenging time of losing her son to COVID-19. Paulette’s experience highlights the immense strength and love shared within the sisterhood. The story emphasizes the significance of building bridges of connection and shows that a sense of family can manifest in unexpected places.

Hope and Resilience:

Diane and Jan conclude the podcast with a message of hope and resilience. They encourage listeners facing challenging situations to remember that light exists even within the darkest moments. By building bridges of love, support, and connection, individuals can navigate through hardships and shape the rest of their lives.