Episode 1

Episode 1: Let Me Introduce Myself

In this episode of Too Young to Be Old renowned entrepreneur and fashion industry veteran and podcast host Diane Gilman introduces herself and shares her perspective on embracing joyous aging. With her contagious enthusiasm and personal experiences, Diane encourages listeners to celebrate life and find fulfillment as they grow older.

Diane Gilman: A Profile of Resilience and Success

Diane Gilman is more than just a host – she’s an iconic figure in the fashion industry and a role model for women over 50. As the founder of DG2, a highly acclaimed jean brand created specifically for middle aged women, Diane has revolutionized the way women approach fashion. Her success has made her a sought-after speaker and an inspiration to many and enabled her to create a sisterhood of empowered and supportive women.

Embracing Aging with a Positive Mindset

Diane begins the podcast by sharing her personal journey as a successful businesswoman and fashion icon. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she has made a significant impact in the fashion industry, establishing DG2 as a renowned brand. Now, at 78, Diane is on a mission to reshape the narrative around aging for women.

According to Diane, the key to joyous aging is maintaining a positive mindset. She encourages listeners to embrace aging as an opportunity for growth, wisdom, and reinvention. 

Celebrating Life and Finding Healing through Laughter

Laughter has been a cornerstone of Diane’s life and success. She shares a personal anecdote about her approach to undergoing chemotherapy, where she made a commitment to laugh and smile every day as a form of healing. Diane believes that laughter and smiles are the greatest healing agents, regardless of the circumstances.

In this episode, Diane emphasizes the importance of celebrating life and finding joy in everyday moments. She invites listeners to incorporate laughter and positivity into their lives as they navigate the challenges and joys of aging.

Becoming Cheerleaders for Joyous Aging

Diane concludes the episode by inviting listeners to join her in becoming cheerleaders for joyous aging. Through her weekly podcast, Too Young to Be Old, she aims to provide a fun and informative platform where listeners can learn unique and inspiring ways to cope, prosper, and celebrate this precious time of life.

With her infectious enthusiasm and love for life, Diane is determined to empower her audience and create a supportive community that embraces the journey of aging with enthusiasm and positivity.