Episode 81- Fashion Thursday’s: Shop with Professional Stylist, Traci Jeske, In Italy: The Home Of Fashion

In this episode with pink-haired fashion genius Traci Jeske dialing in from her home in Italy, Diane and Traci talk about accepting your body, dressing for your shape and Traci’s acclaimed shopping retreats in Italy. A personal stylist extraordinaire, Traci, has revolutionized the way women perceive and wear fashion.

Episode 80- Debunking Menopause Myths: Redefine Aging & Menopause with Rachel Lankester

Life doesn’t end after menopause. In this episode, Diane interviews Rachel Lankester, author, podcaster, and Founder of Magnificent Midlife. They discuss the overlooked and stigmatized topic of menopause, challenging negative ideas around it and advocating for a more positive view on midlife and beyond.

Episode 79- Fashion Thursday’s: Rock White Denim This Summer 50+ Fashion: Tips From The Queen Of Jeans

In this solo episode of Fashion Thursdays, Diane Gilman, the queen of jeans, delves into the timeless allure of white denim for the summer season. Exploring its fashion statement and its deeper sociological implications, Diane shares insights, tips, and personal experiences surrounding the iconic white jean.

Episode 78- Date Like You Mean It: Dating Advice For 50+ Women with Laurie Gerber

Modern dating can be confusing and exhausting but it doesn’t have to be this way. In this episode of Too Young To Be Old, Diane dives into the world of dating after 50 with Laurie Gerber, relationship coach and former resident love expert at Match.com. Laurie shares the message that dating doesn’t have to fill you with dread! In this episode Laurie provides listeners with practical advice and encouragement to approach dating with confidence.

Episode 77- Fashion Thursday’s: 50+ Fashion: How To Be Confident In Your Clothes w/ Stylist Elisa Ellis

Diane Gilman, the queen of jeans, sits down with wardrobe stylist Elisa Ellis to delve into the intricacies of curating a timeless wardrobe and the art of dressing with confidence.

Episode 76- Keep A Sharp Mind: Brain Health & Avoiding Dementia w/ Dr. Mitch Clionsky

What is dementia? And how can we avoid it? This episode, Diane Gilman dives deep into the realm of brain health with renowned dementia expert and author of Dementia Prevention: Using Your Head to Save Your Brain, Dr. Mitch Clionsky, as they explore the best strategies to ward off dementia and keep a healthy mind.

Episode 75- Fashion Thursday’s: “Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! How Shoes Tell The Story Of Your Life with Jennifer DiVita

Do you remember buying your first school shoes? Or your moms high heels as a kid? Shoes tell a story of our lives and shoe fanatic and author Jennifer DiVita joins Diane for Fashion Thursday to talk about the art of shoes and the story behind them. Diane discusses her latest obsession: accessorizing outfits with shoes and other accessories to add flair to even the most basic ensemble. Jennifer declares them “sole sisters,” bonding over their shared passion for shoes, setting the tone for the empowering and fun conversation.

Episode 74- How To Conquer Chronic Pain Without Addictive Drugs with Ani Papazyan

Chronic pain doesn’t have to be a life sentence, according to pain resolution specialist Ani Papazyan. Women, especially women over 50, often have to deal with a myriad of pains and ailments with little to no help from traditional health practitioners. Chronic pain is written off as a part of the aging process. But Ani Papazyan is here to tell us that it is not something we just have to deal with and there IS a solution to chronic pain. She brings her expertise in kinesiology and unique focus on nutragenics and nutrigenomics to the podcast sharing her methods and advice with Diane.

Episode 73- Fashion Thursday: Spring/Summer- How To Style A Hero Piece: Trench Coat

Learn how to use a hero piece in your look this Spring/Summer with Diane’s fashion tips for over 50s. A hero piece is a central element of an outfit that stands out and serves as the main focus, anchoring the entire look with its timeless appeal and versatility. Diane explores the iconic trench coat as a Spring/Summer hero piece, styling it in different ways over a four day period. She spills the tea on all her outfit details over the four days

Episode 72- Menopause: Unlocking the Power of Hormone Therapy (HRT) with Dr. Rosensweet

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an extremely divisive subject in the medical community with many doctors and experts directly disagreeing with the commonly held belief that HRT increases the risk of cancer. Renowned expert Dr. Daved Rosensweet, MD shares his opinion, and some relevant research, saying that HRT actually reduces the risk of cancer. He shed some light on the topic and on the benefits of HRT treatment.

Episode 71- Fashion Thursday: Elevating Denim To Fashion Royalty: From Princess To Every Woman

Jeans: the universal item of clothing, the everyday essential, and the great equalizer? Diane, the Queen of Jeans, talks about her favorite item of clothing and how she believes jeans connect us to one another and equalize us. She talks about this in the context of Kate Middleton’s recent announcement where Kate shared that she is undergoing treatment for cancer. She made this announcement wearing a pair of jeans.

Episode 70- Live Better & Longer: Overcome 3 Factors of Aging with Christian Yordanov

Unravel the key factors to a longer life in this week’s “Too Young To Be Old”, as Diane delves into the secrets of longevity with Christian Yordanov, author of “How to Actually Live Longer Vol 1.”
Christian explains that genetics are only one part of the aging process, with environmental factors also playing a significant role. He describes that every decision we make steers us towards better health or away from it.

Episode 69- Fashion Thursday: Embracing Fashion Freedom After 50: US vs. UK w/ Emma Lightbown, QVC UK

How do attitudes to fashion and femininity differ in the UK versus in the US for women over 50? Do women over 50 still want to be sexy and what role do their trusty jeans play in their wardrobe? Emma Lightbown, presenter on QVC UK, stylist and podcaster, joins Diane for a transatlantic discussion on fashion, aging and just a little about the British Royals and their influence on fashion.

Episode 68- Make Your Money Last Longer in Retirement with Finance Advisor Chris Hensley

Diane is here to ask the questions we ALL have about saving, living on a fixed income, Medicare and social security. This episode she brings on Christopher Hensley, financial advisor and host of the Money Matters podcast, to talk about finance in a way everyone can understand, without the technical language. Taxation on Social Security Diane and Christopher discuss the fact that even recipients of social security aren’t spared from taxation. Diane raises the issue of fairness after a lifetime of contributing taxes. Christopher remarks that Medicare, often perceived as free, is funded through social security contributions.

Episode 67- Fashion Thursday: Dress Like A Celebrity At A Fraction Of The Cost: How To Shop Smarter

In this solo episode of Too Young To Be Old, Diane Gilman, the queen of jeans, delves into innovative methods for revamping your wardrobe without breaking the bank. From thrifty tricks to save money on status heritage brands to embracing cutting-edge AI fashion apps, Diane explores the evolving landscape of fashion shopping. In a rapidly evolving fashion landscape, Diane implores listeners to prioritize quality over quantity, investing in timeless pieces that stand the test of time. By embracing innovation and sustainability, listeners can cultivate a wardrobe that embodies both style and substance.

Episode 2- “How Cancer Changed My Life”: Too Young To Be Old Podcast- Ep. 1 with Jan Tuckwood

Host Diane Gilman welcomes her first guest to the podcast, her co-author and best friend Jan Tuckwood. They discuss writing Diane’s book Too Young to Be Old together, how Jan supported Diane through her cancer journey and the bonds of sisterhood in Diane’s community of women.